SMSads.biz is owned and operated by Sandeep Patil Owner of SMSads, simply a
resource catering to Real Estate buyers including first time buyers, investors, and seasoned
homeowners. This site is specific to Real Estate Classified, With so many real estate websites
out there I felt that there was nothing specific to SMSads. Most real estate websites are
confusing, poorly designed and void of quality content. I wanted to design something as unique
and special as SMSads. I wanted visitors to click on a link of properties in any town and that’s all
they would get–properties in that town.
The properties listed on SMSads are directly from Real Estate Owners. We don’t filter /alter
anything out. This means that we have not omitted any listings.  Every property listed on our site
is by all accounts for sale or rent. The issue with most real estate sites is that they include
manual entries or static entries. That means that if the home has already been sold or taken off
the market then they don’t automatically get removed from the site.

My goal was to make this site easy to navigate and straight to the point. I built it the way I would
want it designed if I was looking for information on the SMSads’s local real estate market. That’s

SMSads, What?
Although this site is a great resource for Real estate buyers, I feel there’s no greater resource
than a great real estate agent when buying or selling a real estate. If you want to buy or sell
property in SMSads with confidence, you need a skilled, ethical professional committed to earning
your trust. The truth is that I can talk about Integrity, Commitment, Dedication, Loyalty and
Communication until my face turns blue. Let’s sit down together and have a face to face honest
conversation about your real estate needs and then you could determine if I’m the right real
estate agent for you. Contact me today.

Where did you come up with this name:  SMSads?  It wasn’t easy! Basically, I wanted a name that
could easily be remembered with Service I offered.  I think It is definitely more memorable
than others.  That was it, nothing too complicated or convoluted. SMS ads means You Can Post
Your Real Estate Advertisement By SMS Or Search Real Estate By Sending SMS To 07870123456 Or
just add this number to your whats app account and chat with us.

My aim is to provide brokerage free service to all customers with the help of new technology &

Site Policy
This policy is subject to change at our convenience. This blog is a personal blog conceived,
written and edited by me. For comments/suggestions/questions about this blog, please contact
me.  Occasionally we have thoughts and opinions that we post and write about regarding the local
real estate market. When we present data, it is believed to be accurate, but is not guaranteed.

You should never make financial or real estate decisions based on anything you read on the
internet, that includes this site or anyone else’s, without first consulting your financial adviser,
CPA, attorney and/or real estate professional.

Truly Yours
Sandeep Patil


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